How my art became part of a winery’s architecture

"Tomáš, here is an idea, is there any way we could transfer your paintings onto the dividers of the toilets in my winery?" Jozef Zvolenský asks on the phone and I sense hesitation in his voice. He could not be sure how I would react - in Slovakia, many people still tend to believe public bathrooms are not a dignified enough place for art.  Jozef Zvolenský and his family have been friends of mine for more than twenty years. They have followed my work practically all through my career and their support has been much appreciated. The beautiful location of their family winery Terra Parna was the setting of two of my exhibitions, and the launch of my…

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Images of a Fading World in Prague

--- English version below ---  Obrázky mizejícího světa Výstava je dalším českým zastavením dvojice Andreje Haršányho a Tomáše Žemly po výstavách v Galerii Vltavín v Praze a Galerii Art v Chrudimi. Oba autoři i tentokrát představují spíše menší práce a i tentokrát se jedná samozřejmě o nová díla. Andrej navazuje na své předešlé kamenné figury a Tomáš přináší dvě nové série: jednak Obrázky mizejícího světa, po kterých je výstava pojmenovaná, onak geometrické abstrakce, přičemž některé z nich zpracovává na stará prostěradla. Ústředním tématem výstavy je vzpomínka. Oba autoři totiž přistupují k umění s důrazem na jeho schopnost uchovávat, ať už se jedná o uchovávání nejrůznějších pocitů nebo rysů doby, ve které dané umění vzniklo. Když se pak divák…

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Agáty / Robinia

Do galérie --- English version --- Cestu, ktorú každý deň meriam, keď idem do práce, asi na kilometrovom úseku lemujú agáty. Ich drevo je húževnaté a tvrdé. Agáty do našich končín priviezli spoza oceánu a používali ich na zalesňovanie neplodných pôd. Takých v kraji, ktorým prechádzam a kde žijem, veľa nie je. Stromoradia agátov často lemujú lokálne cesty, ktoré sa ich prítomnosťou menia na tienisté a v období kvitnutia voňavé úvozy. Jedného dňa, asi päť rokov predtým, ako vznikla táto séria grafík, som našiel agáty na mojej ceste domov spílené. Nie však fatálne. Pri ceste pilčíci nechali stáť torzá stromov, smutný rad okyptených vojakov. Keď vyprchal prvotný pocit prázdnoty, začal som si všímať aké dokonalé boli torzá agátov vo svojej nedokonalosti. Skrútené a…

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one man show at Art Prague 2020

My works are on display at Art Prague 2020. I have earned a prominent place at the fair last year, when I received the Art Prague Young Award 2019.  Gallerist Jan Čejka about the works of Tomáš Žemla I have met Tomáš about four years ago, when I have accidentally laid my eyes on his works at an exhibition. I was immediately impressed by his technique using layered tiny lines, which he calls čiarkovanie. It requires enormous amount of time, concentration, and back and neck pain. We have exchanged a few e-mails and I set off to visit him at his home in Špačince.I was glad to have made the decision. Tomáš proved to have qualities that every successful…

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Water Towers

Blurred-fields-XI-60x60cm-oil-on-canvas-2019 Water Tower D, digital photo, 2018 In-the-middle-of-the-field-III-60x60cm-oil-on-canvas-2018 Christmas ball, 15x12cm, etching, aquatint, 2020 Water reservoir, 62x55cm, recycling- wood desk, paper, 2020 Testimony-of-minimalism-man-touched-land-VII- part one, 56x56cm, etching aquatint 2018 Testimony-of-minimalism-man-touched-land-VII- part two, 56x56cm, etching aquatint 2018 Water tower is an element that I seem to keep going back to, with no plan or detailed consideration. I have depicted one single water tower in several forms and techniques. I have found that I have actually collected various interpretations of this industrial-agricultural architecture. From photography, through painting, etching, and combined technique. This is a chance for me to interpret the way one object can be viewed and depicted. A water tower is a resolute invasion in the country. It sticks out of…

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Source: Courtesy of GMAB Trenčín

A retrospective exhibition at the Miloš Alexander Bazovský Gallery in Trenčín Curator: Radka Nedomová Just in time before the coronavirus pandemic hit my country, I have opened my first large exhibition in Slovakia in January. Since the gallery was closed for several weeks this spring, the gallery has prepared some videos to showcase my work also in the online space.  The Trenčín exhibition presents my Fields work between 2013-2020. Mostly paintings, but also prints and experimental forms that I have produced over the years. It was an amazing opportunity for me to show my work as it developed over time, the way I really feel it. I have therefore spent much time preparing for the exhibition, which has been…

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Prague: My latest series Equivalents on display for the first time

I have devoted most of 2019 to my work on new series of paintings, taking my fields another few steps forward. Some of the so-far results, Equivalents, are now on display at the Galerie Vltavín in Prague.  The Čiarky a kamene (Lines and Stones) was opened on January 14 and runs until February 13, 2020.  “ This exhibition in Prague was not just an occasion for me to showcase my new works in the Czech capital, but also to cooperate once again with my friend, sculptor Andrej Haršány, and gallerist Jan Čejka (pictured on the left) who curated our joint exhibition. The name of the exhibition points to the basic structural elements of their work, as well as to their…

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Interfields in the north: Exhibition in Jyväskylä

I have first learned about the Ratamo gallery in the Finnish town of Jyväskylä two years ago, during my stay in Guanlan, China, where I travelled for an international workshop focused on prints. Within a year since I succeeded with my application for an exhibition at Ratamo, I found myself on my way to Finland, in the company of my friend, manager and collector Emil Prevuznak. We opened on December 11 and my work will stay on display in Jyväskylä until January 5.  My Interfields was opened together with the exhibition of Natura Forma by fellow printmaker Juha Laakso, a talented Finnish artist.   With Naoji Ishiyama and Anna-Leena Pesonen Ratamo enchanted me from the first moment I entered…

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Fields awarded at Art Prague

Fields awarded at Art Prague
In Prague with gallerist Jan Čejka who represents me in the Czech Republic.

Last August, an intriguing e-mail landed in my inbox."I have a small gallery in Prague and as I am preparing next year's programme, I decided to contact you," he wrote.The young Czech gallerist Jan Čejka had been following my work for some time back then. He wanted to talk and said a trip to Špačince was no problem for him. And he really did turn up in my studio one day soon after that.  I admit I was a bit hesitant at first, talking to the very young man who travelled all the way from Prague. But during our conversation, my hesitation quickly gave way to enthusiasm. I did not have anyone representing me in the Czech Republic then,…

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My Fields now have their own book

"Fields are encoded in my DNA. They are part of my identity and have taught me how to live." I have welcomed my friends and supporters in my studio on April 30 for an official launch of my new book Fields (Polia).  The book is a retrospect of my work that falls under my Fields project: my oil-on-canvas paintings and prints.  The evening was a nice opportunity to thank all those who stand by me and believe in me, but particularly those who helped me make this book happen. It was a long process, we had worked on the final look of the book since the autumn of 2018. The design proved very complicated, because of folding pages…

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