Slovak fields travelled to Slovenia
Ljubljana’s DLUL Gallery

Slovak fields travelled to Slovenia

My Fields Continued exhibition is on display in Ljubljana’s DLUL Gallery until November 4.

I returned to Slovenia with my works five years after my last exhibition in the small town of Izola. This time, my works are on display in the capital, Ljubljana.

My exhibition opened on October 23, 2018 in the DLUL Gallery (Društvo Likovnih Umetnikov Ljubljana), on the riverbank in the Old Town.

Moreover, this exhibition is also my first exhibition of paintings after four years of doing only prints. 

Thematically, I reconnected to my main theme: Fields. I have used this name back in 2013 for my exhibition in Piešťany. Since then, I have continued to work on this theme and focus on it deeper, on a daily basis, and sincerely. The name of my Ljubljana exhibition is thus prosaic and simple – Fields Continued.

I have developed a few sub-themes that are directly connected with fields.

Sub-series: In the middle of the field 

Intended as a small statement about the country, the fields, and their centre, this sub-series is a combination of several of my internal imaginations. One of the first construction elements is the field, the source of human work, and the objects that are practically interlinked with the fields, be it the irrigation object or as an object of the actual agricultural production. This topic is not meant to draw attention to the significance of these objects in the fields, but rather their visual value. Any trace of human activity leaves a visual trace in the fields and for me, this trace is the central element, which is why it is symbolically placed in the centre. Two pictures depict low horizon, while the other two show a space without any horizon. In terms of meaning and visuality, all four pictures are interlinked and that is why they are placed together in one installation.

 Sub-series: Blurred fields

The simplicity and straightforwardness that allows for internal interpretations make up the most important factor I want to express in these sub-series. It is fields again, but through the lens of a photographic error. An intentional error, that is, to make sure my interpretation was as effective as possible. With the sharp movement of the photo camera with long exposition time I created  blurred images that fulfill my requirements for visual value. What I pinpoint in the fields are simple elements, bushes, groups of trees, and other objects characteristic for the fields. The common feature of all the images, beside the fields as such, are half-horizons.

 Sub-series: Interfields

Compared to other sub-themes, this one is essentially abstract, based on minimalist perception of fields, in transformed colors, shapes, and rhythms. If we only viewed the pictures within the limits of imagination, we would not be able to find fields in them. In these pictures, fields are but a reflection, an intangible abstraction. There is also a significant shift in terms of color, towards violet-pink-grey.

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