My second China trip: Reminiscences of my preparation

I had some time here in Guanlan to reflect on my wanderings around the country I live in, with my camera as a companion. They were, in fact, my preparation for this trip, and inspired me to take the next step with my work.

I wanted to go on working on the series, Testimony of Minimalism: Man Touched Land, because it continues mirroring my idea of everything I like about the landscape that surrounds me. The absolute minimalist silence, with certain disturbances – in this case, manmade.


It was winter back home when I was getting ready for my creative work in China. The time of year that underlines the character of the landscape that provokes ideas and interest in me.

The key identifying factor of my vision are the horizons and the way they divide the landscape. The canal of the Váh River in Drahovce, for example.

The canal of the Váh River in Drahovce

I am always eager to go back there, take pictures and make sketches. That is also where I came up with several of my previous works. It is perhaps the very peaceful contrast between the two worlds divided by the horizon that calms me or repeatedly inspires me.


I was back there when the idea came to me to move one step forward with my prints, and add another technique – silkscreen.

It might be a step to the left, but it moves me to a new direction where I can express the multiple horizontalities, so very important to me in this series.

(left to right): Rahman Mohamed (Malaysia), Ulrich Wolff (Germany), Teruyo Sonoyama, Harumi Sonoyama (both Japan), Radoslava Hrabovska (Slovakia), Igor Baranov (Russia), Tomas (Slovakia), Niamh Cunningham (Ireland)

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